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Are you tired of mosquitoes crashing your backyard parties or robbing you of the enjoyment of your outdoor living space?  We understand, these pesky insects are annoying.  Unfortunately, they also have the potential to be dangerous.  Many mosquito species can transmit West Nile virus (WNV), encephalitis, Chikungunya, and now Zika, to your family and pets.  At Action Pest Control, we understand that homeowners want to enjoy their outdoor living space without the frustration and worry mosquitoes cause and we can help!


A licensed pest control professional will survey your property to identify any areas that may serve as mosquito breeding sites.  Upon completion, the technician will discuss these findings and review areas that may need your attention.  Mosquitoes are known to lay eggs in just a 1/2" of water and can do so in an area no larger than a bottle cap! Your inspector will point out any concerns such as flower pots, bird baths, or even drainage areas which may be contributing to mosquito activity.

Performed every 14 days (May-Sept), your property will be treated by EPA approved products designed to reduce incoming adult mosquitoes from resting on surrounding trees and shrubs as well as prevent mosquito larva from hatching from any existing areas where standing water may be present.  No Way Jose Pest Control and our team places the utmost care in choosing products and materials that are not harmful to children or pets, but it is recommended to avoid any treated areas for about an hour or until products have had time to dry. 

Don't let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your outdoor space.  Learn more about No Way Jose's mosquito control solutions for homes, businesses, and even whole neighborhoods.  
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